Thursday, 7 April 2016

Outfit post | Black dress, red hair

Dress: Ice

Jacket: Forever New

Shoes: Lipstik

Bag: Calvin Klein 

Sunglasses: Alex Perry
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Monday, 7 March 2016

Shenton Ball

I attended my first ball, which was quite exciting and honestly amazing. My best friend, who has a boyfriend that goes to Shenton, was of course invited to his ball by him, but since she didn't know many people going she asked if I wanted to go...and of course I screamed yes! so then we had to find one of her boy friends mates that was not taking someone to the ball to take me, which was no problem and we did find someone, that I got along well with.

My best friend and I then went shopping for everything we needed (which included a ball dress, a clutch, shoes and lastly jewellery). I went to Myer first, since I love Myer, and I found this gorgeous white lace dress just hanging by its hanger, I grabbed it instantly and ran to the change room, once I had put it on, I was in love. The brand of the dress is Tiger Mist which honestly has become one of my favourite brands these past couple of weeks. Next my friend and I went to go look for shoes, we came across a store called Spend less shoes, and we spotted from the corner of our eyes, a couple of silver shoes, so we went running. we grabbed the shoes and saw that they were two for $30 so we then grabbed our size and bought them.

I didn't end up buying a clutch since my mum had already had one that was perfect, and I had just borrowed jewellery from my mate, so I was all ready for the ball. On the day of the ball, I had decided to go to Tafe and not take the day off...which was a bad idea, since I had finished at 3:30pm and we had to be at the place for the limo at 6;00pm, and out of all the days the bus decided to be late ( now I just want to say, my Tafe is no where close to my house, it takes me about an hour and 30 minutes to get from my house to there). I ended up getting home around 4:30pm and just raced through the front door and got ready as fast as I could. We ended up being a little late, but we still had made it, my friend was smart and decided to take the day off Tafe and get to my place early for my sister to do their make up.

When we arrived at the pre ball, they had all the girls in their beautiful dresses and all the guys in their nice suits, while all the parents were talking and taking photos, they had also organized two photographers which I thought was quite cool, I felt like a model.

Anyway, the ball was quite amazing, the food was really yummy and the entertainment was really cool. They had dancers come in and perform for us, there was a DJ and for the food, the entre was bread with all kinds of dip, sushi and rice paper rolls...i kind of ate all the bread since I was starving...for some reason I was craving a burger the whole night. The main was actually a choice, you could either have lamb, or fish, I chose the lamb since I am not a huge fan of fish. now for was quite interesting, they had a chocolate fondue, with this orange jelly of the side, with a sauce and some salted cream, it was honestly quite yummy.

The whole night I was pretty much on the dance floor dancing like a maniac, the whole night was just amazing, and I just can't wait for my own ball night.

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